By Mylstar

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  • Mylstar Electronics (known earlier as Gottlieb) created a conversion kit in 1983 that turned the M.A.C.H. 3 laser coin-op into Us vs. Them, a science-fiction adventure. Live-action film footage combined with superimposed computer graphics to create near-movie effects, as players assume roles of pilots defending the United States from alien invaders. Actors take the roles of frightened citizens and military command personnel, as the combat takes place over San Francisco, Chicago and Hollywood, as well as through forest, mountain and desert terrain.

  • Players have a joystick to bank the plane sideways, shoot forward or backward, and move in and out of the game's depth perspective, through four different playing angles that include profile views of the action and even shots from behind the plane.

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  • The key to winning the game lies inside the Alien Mother Ship, and players can use additional coins to continue a game. Special sound effects, visual treats, orchestral score and even built-in seat vibration make the illusion of flight quite realistic.

  • After all is said and done, however, it's just another shooting/flying derivative.

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