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  • Bluth's second laser disc adventure didn't come close to attaining the level of success as Cinematronics' first offering, Dragon's Lair. It was partly due to gamers losing interest in laserdisc games which required little more than memorization (and a lot of quarters) to complete the game. And with laserdisc games not being completely interactive in nature, people quickly grew tired of games that featured eye candy but boring gameplay.

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  • Space Ace involves a super hero who is reduced to a 16-year-old weakling nerd named Dexter by the evil "Infanto Ray". In his child form, Dexter boards a spaceship and pursues the evil alien villain, a creature named Borf who has kidnapped Kimberly (Dexter's girlfriend) and threatens to reduce all of earth to screaming infants.

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  • If the player, as Dexter, makes all the right moves, he gains points. Earn enough points and the screen will glow reddish, beeps with sound and letters will say "energize." If the player ops to energize, he will turn back into Space Ace with only twelve seconds to use that form. Like Pac-Man, Space Ace can now meet even greater dangers, earning higher points. Or the player can remain as Dexter, pursuing a safer route and consequently earning fewer points.

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  • Space Ace offered nothing new compared to its predecessor, and by the time it had hit the arcades, the novelty of laser games had worn off and its repetitive gameplay (not to mention the 50 cents admission fee to play the game) turned people off.

  • Digital Leisure is now making DVD versions of Dragon's Lair, Dragon's Lair and Space Ace. There are two versions, one for home DVD players and one for PC-DVD players. Although some sort of a "special edition" with commentary and pre-production sketches and cool inside information would have been nice, it's nonetheless nice to see exact replications of these classics translated to the home.

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