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  • Years after the laserdisc arcade craze of the early 80's, Leland brought out Dragon's Lair II. The animation to this game had actually been completed shortly after the original game, but wasn't used when this style game became unpopular. Leland thought the public was ready again, and Dragon's Lair II was released along with a re-release of Space Ace that had new diagonal moves required. However, not all of the levels that were originally designed for Dragon's Lair II made it into the finished version. Some of the unfinished levels appear in the PC game "Dragon's Lair 3."

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  • In Dragon's Lair II, you flee your house into another dark castle. Daphne's mother has discovered that's Daphne's been kidnapped again. This time the villian is Mordrok, who plans to use the Death Ring to marry Daphne. Inside the castle, you discover an old time machine that happens to be the brother of Mordread! You travel to the Garden of Eden, prehistoric times, ancient Egypt, and even Into the Looking Glass in pursuit of the kidnapped Daphne.

  • The gameplay in Dragon's Lair is this time linear, consisting of longer levels. You can also press alternate directions to see a quick scene of Dirk grabbing a bonus item. All the items need to be grabbed to continue to the last level.

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  • It should be noted that more levels were started but incomplete. These are available on the PC CD-ROM "Dragon's Lair 3" which has two new levels, one of which is the cave of time. It also seems the end of the first level is edited (right before the mother in law says "Oh, shut up!") There was finally one more game planned to have Bluth animation called Sea Beast but that project was never started.

  • Digital Leisure is now making DVD versions of Dragon's Lair, Dragon's Lair and Space Ace. There are two versions, one for home DVD players and one for PC-DVD players. Although some sort of a "special edition" with commentary and pre-production sketches and cool inside information would have been nice, it's nonetheless nice to see exact replications of these classics translated to the home.

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