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  • This game was released on the Sega CD, Saturn and Playstation (the latter two only being available in Japan.) Cobra Command was known as Thunder Storm FX in Japan, so if you shop around for an import copy for your console, that's the name you want to mention to the dealer as it's highly doubtful that he/she would know the name of the U.S. coin-op release. In terms of gameplay, there's not too much else to say about this one. You're a helicopter pilot who blows away the bad helicopters! Oops, I gave away the ending.

  • The lame NES version of Cobra Command is based on ANOTHER 1984 arcade game by Data East - remember, the original Japanese version of the U.S. laserdisc Cobra Command was called Thunder Storm FX -- called Cobra Command. This arcade game was a side scrolling shooter, and you still controlled a helicopter.

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