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  • Albegas (known as Cybernaut) can be considered a pseudo-sequel to the Astron Belt/Galaxy Ranger series, as it looks and plays very similar to its predecessors. Only this time the game is animated instead of using models, but you still fire at swarms of enemy spaceships. Albegas also has the same pattern of "exploding ship" every few seconds when you watch the LD with a regular player. It's in surround sound, and the test screen (accompanied by a low buzz) leads me to believe it had some sort of special seat.

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  • The backgrounds are all nicely animated, often in a psychadelic way, pulsing or oozing blobs. You sometimes have to choose a left/right path. There are four final bosses that you defeat by running into their heads (!). As you can see, it gets a little gruesome. =)

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