Tempest Title Screen

Several 5200 games had hitherto been regarded as the "UFO's" of the 5200 software library because of their conspicuous absence from any cartridge lists for the system. They had not been confirmed to exist -- even in prototype form -- although a handful of individuals swore to have seen them and it was widely assumed that they had been in development at Atari before the company pulled the plug on them for whatever reason.

Tempest and Asteroids were two of the many cancelled titles which had been the source of speculation among historians and collectors alike, but it's now time to update your cartridge lists because they have finally been found! These cartridges, along with Black Belt, Super Pac-Man, Ticker Tape Demo, Pete's Test Cartridge, Final Legacy and Behind Jaggi Lines (all of which were also recently discovered for the first time), were also demonstrated at the World of Atari '98 show in Las Vegas for everyone to see and enjoy.

Atari Gaming Headquarters recently took each cartridge for a test drive. Click on the links below for our complete analysis on each of these cartridges.

  • Asteroids

  • Behind Jaggi Lines

  • Black Belt

  • Final Legacy

  • Pete's Test Cartridge

  • Super Pac-Man

  • Tempest

  • Ticker Tape Demo
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