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Rarity Ratings are as follows:

C-, C, C+ ---- Common
U-, U, U+ ---- Uncommon
R-, R, R+ ---- Rare
ER-, ER, ER+ - Extremely Rare
UR ----------- Unbelievably Rare
PR ----------- Prototype only
NR ----------- Not believed to exist, even as a prototype

For example, an ER cart would be slightly more common than an ER+
and harder to find than an ER- game.


TITLE                   PUBLISHER        PRODUCT #    RARITY   LAY?

AE                      Atari                         PR       NO
ASTEROIDS               Atari            CX 5201      PR       NO
ASTRO CHASE             Parker Brothers  9560         R+       NO
BALLBLAZER              Atari/Lucasfilm  CX 5255      R        NO
BAR ROOM BASEBALL       Atari                         PR       NO
BATTLEZONE              Atari            CX 5239      PR       NO
BEAMRIDER               Activision       FZ-009       ER-      NO
BEHIND JAGGI LINES      Atari/Lucasfilem CX 5254      PR       NO
BERZERK                 Atari            CX 5221      U        NO
BLACK BELT              Atari            CX 5231      PR       NO
BLUE PRINT              CBS Electronics  80033        R-       YES
BOOGIE DEMO CART        Atari                         PR       NO
BOUNTY BOB STRIKES BACK Big Five Soft.                ER       NO
BUCK ROGERS: PLANET     Sega             005-02       R-       NO
     OF ZOOM
CENTIPEDE               Atari            CX 5215      C        YES
CHOPLIFTER              Atari            CX 5253      R        NO
CONGO BONGO             Sega             006-02       R-       NO
COUNTERMEASURE          Atari            CX 5210      C        YES
CRAM CARTRIDGE          Atari                         ?        NO
DECATHLON               Activision       FZ-008       U        NO
DEFENDER                Atari            CX 5218      C        YES
DIAGNOSTIC CARTRIDGE    Atari            FD100144     ER       NO
DIG DUG                 Atari            CX 5211      C+       NO
DREADNAUGHT FACTOR, THE Activision       FZ-005       R-       NO
FAIL SAFE               Atari            CX 5210      PR       NO
FINAL LEGACY            Atari            CX 5256      PR       NO
FOOTBALL                Atari            CX 5207      C        YES
FRISKY TOM              Atari                         PR       NO
FROGGER                 Parker Brothers  9530         C+       YES
FROGGER II: THREEEDEEP! Parker Brothers  9090         ER       NO
GALAXIAN                Atari            CX 5206      C        YES
GORF                    CBS Electronics  80013        R-       YES
GREMLINS                Atari            CX 5257      ER-      NO
GYRUSS                  Parker Brothers  9080         R        NO
H.E.R.O.                Activision       FZ-007       R        NO
JAMES BOND 007          Parker Brothers  9100         ER       NO
JOUST                   Atari            CX 5240      U-       NO
JR. PAC-MAN             Atari            CX 5251      PR       NO
JUNGLE HUNT             Atari            CX 5222      U-       NO
JUNGLE RIVER CRUISE     Atari                         PR       NO
K-RAZY SHOOTOUT         CBS Electronics  80503        ER+      NO
KABOOM!                 Activision       FZ-001       U        YES
KANGAROO                Atari            CX 5229      C+       NO
KEYSTONE KAPERS         Activision       FZ-006       U        NO
LAST STARFIGHTER, THE   Atari            CX 5260      PR       NO
LOONEY TUNES HOTEL      Atari                         PR       NO
MARIO BROTHERS          Atari            CX 5247      U+       NO
MEEBZORK                Atari                         PR       NO
MEGAMANIA               Activision       FZ-003       U        NO
METEORITES              Electra Concepts              UR       NO
MICRO-GAMMON SB         Atari                         PR       NO
MILLIPEDE               Atari            CX 5248      PR       NO
MINIATURE GOLF          Atari            CX 5230      PR       NO
MINER 2049ER            Big Five Soft.   BF1912       R+       NO
MISSILE COMMAND         Atari            CX 5202      C+       YES
MONTEZUMA'S REVENGE     Parker Brothers  9460         R+       NO
MOON PATROL             Atari            CX 5241      U        NO
MOUNTAIN KING           CBS Electronics  80083        R        YES
MR. DO'S CASTLE         Parker Brothers  9420         ER-      NO
MS. PAC-MAN             Atari            CX 5243      U-       NO
PAC-MAN                 Atari            CX 5208      C-       YES
PENGO                   Atari            CX 5236      R-       NO
PETE'S TEST CARTRIDGE   Atari                         PR       NO
PITFALL!                Activision       FZ-004       U        NO
PITFALL II              Activision       FZ-011       U+       NO
POLE POSITION           Atari            CX 5217      C+       NO
POPEYE                  Parker Brothers  9510         C+       NO
Q*BERT                  Parker Brothers  9500         C+       NO
QIX                     Atari            CX 5121      U-       YES
QUEST FOR QUINTANA ROO  Sunrise Software #1603        ER-      NO
REALSPORTS BASEBALL     Atari            CX 5209      U        YES
REALSPORTS BASKETBALL   Atari            CX 5219      PR       NO
REALSPORTS FOOTBALL     Atari            CX 5207      C        YES
REALSPORTS SOCCER       Atari            CX 5213      C+       YES
REALSPORTS TENNIS       Atari            CX 5214      U+       YES
RESCUE ON FRACTALUS!    Atari/Lucasfilm  CX 5254      ER-      NO
RIVER RAID              Activision       FZ-002       U        YES
ROAD RUNNER             Atari            CX 5242      PR       NO
ROBOTRON: 2084          Atari            CX 5225      U+       NO
SOCCER                  Atari            CX 5213      C        YES
SPACE DUNGEON           Atari            CX 5232      U        NO
SPACE INVADERS          Atari            CX 5204      C        YES
SPACE SHUTTLE           Activision       FZ-012       U+       YES
SPITFIRE                Atari                         PR       NO
SPORT GOOFY             Atari            CX 5237      PR       NO
STARGATE                Atari            CX 5252      PR       NO
STAR RAIDERS            Atari            CX 5205      C+       YES
STAR TREK               Sega             004-02       R        NO
STAR WARS ROTJ: DEATH   Parker Brothers  9060         ER+      NO
STAR WARS: THE ARCADE   Parker Brothers  9040         R+       NO
SUPER BREAKOUT          Atari            CX 5203      C-       YES
SUPER COBRA             Parker Brothers  9550         R        NO
SUPER PAC-MAN           Atari                         PR       NO
TEMPEST                 Atari            CX 5220      PR       NO
TICKER TAPE DEMO        Atari                         PR       NO
TRACK AND FIELD         Atari            CX 5258      PR       NO
TUMBLEWEEDS             Atari                         PR       NO
VANGUARD                Atari            CX 5216      U-       NO
WIZARD OF WOR           CBS Electronics  80003        R-       YES
XARI ARENA              Atari                         PR       NO
XEVIOUS                 Atari            CX 5246      PR       NO
YELLOW SUBMARINE DEMO   Atari                         PR       NO
ZAXXON                  Sega             008-02       ER+      NO
ZENJI                   Activision       FZ-010       ER       NO
ZONE RANGER             Activision       FZ-101       R+       NO


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