SoundX Cart Pic

  • Ed Federmeyer's first 2600 programming effort, SoundX, is a sound generating cart that displays all of the Atari 2600 sound parameters on the screen and allows them to be modified. It also lets you to set pitch, volume, etc for both voices of the 2600. Basically, you can make any sound the stock 2600 can make and the values are right there for your use if you would ever want to write your own game cart. DazzleDemo is an extra bonus, it cycles through all the color combinations of the 2600 in an eye-catching style. In the center of the DazzleDemo screen your custom serial number appears (each cart has a serial number built into the game.) While not actual games, SoundX/DazzleDemo are still interesting programs.

    SoundX/Dazzledemo can be purchased as a cartridge from Randy Crihfield. You can contact Randy via e-mail at randyc@east.sun.com or by snail mail at:

    Randy Crihfield
    P.O. Box 1332
    Pepperell, MA 01463

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