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  • Stell-A-Sketch is a high resolution drawing program for the Atari 2600 VCS! By moving a pointer around the drawing area, you can create patterns or paint pictures. Tired of the picture you're working on? Be prepared to shake Stell-A-Sketch until the drawing area is clear!

  • SAS is the latest release from Bob Colbert of Retroware for the Starpath Supercharger that allows you to draw on your TV using your Atari 2600 with a joystick, driving controllers, an Amiga mouse, or an ST mouse. The audio tracks on the CD have been digitally remastered for reliable loading into the 2600 Supercharger unit. The CD has a label on it, and comes with a CD insert/booklet that has a full color front and back cover and 16 pages of instructions. There is also a full color CD back/end insert. As an added bonus, the data portion of the CD contains numerous neat freebies such as Makewav, a program that allows you to create .wav files from 2K, 4K and Supercharger ROM images for the Atari 2600, and a Supercharger version of Okie Dokie. This is the full 4K version as previously sold in cartridge form.

  • The CD version sells for $12 plus $3 shipping in the U.S. via Priority Mail. A cassette version is also available, and comes with instructions, full color label and full color cassette case insert. The cassettes will contain high-quality tape recorded from a digitally mastered CD. The cassettes sell for $10 each shipped in the US via Priority Mail, and there will be no limits to the number made.

    Please contact Bob Colbert for further instructions on how to order this product.

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