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  • Man, it really sucks! Get those colonists outta there. Avoid the asteroid belt on your way down, fight gravity, don't crash, and PLEASE do not squash the poor guys you're supposed to be saving. They're a bit nervous, so you'll have to do your best to just avoid them as they scamper about haphazardly on the platforms below you. Oh yes, don't forget that after you pick up a man from the surface, those asteroids turn out to be enemy space craft in disguise. And they're very much hell-bent on blasting you into the next galaxy. Whew!

  • In Greg Troutman's first game, you pilot your lander craft down onto the platforms and a colonist will run to you and get onboard. You must then take off and bring him back to the mothership safely. Only one colonist can be transported at a time, so you need to make a complete round trip for each one.

  • You start out with four lander vehicles. You continue saving colonists until you crash your last lander, at which time it's game over. If you fail to save at least one of the three colonists during one round (eg. they all die during your rescue efforts), it's also game over, regardless of how many landers you have in reserve. Consider your pilot's license revoked.

    This Planet Sucks can be purchased as a cartridge from Randy Crihfield. You can contact Randy via e-mail at randyc@east.sun.com or by snail mail at:

    Randy Crihfield
    P.O. Box 1332
    Pepperell, MA 01463

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