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  • The one that started it all! Ed Federmeyer should be thanked for jump-starting the 2600 programming craze. Although Ed did release SoundX (a sound-generating program) before Edtris 2600, the latter was the first GAME to be released on a classic system in the modern era.

  • He couldn't have picked a better game to clone than Alexei Pazhitnov's classic, as Tetris lends itself very nicely to the limited 2600 graphics. For the two of you who've never played Tetris, you're goal is to place falling pieces into horizontal solid rows at the bottom of the screen, with the game ending when pieces become fragmented and pile up to the top of the screen. Edtris features good sound effects, 9 levels of speed, a music soundtrack that speeds up with the game, and color changing bricks (the harder the game gets, the different the colors are). This game also features a title screen, where your personal serial number appears."

    Edtris can be purchased as a cartridge from Randy Crihfield. You can contact Randy via e-mail at randyc@east.sun.com or by snail mail at:

    Randy Crihfield
    P.O. Box 1332
    Pepperell, MA 01463

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