Miss Piggy's Wedding Discovered

Miss Piggy's Wedding Screen 1

  • In our never-ending quest to rescue historic relics of Atari's past for archiving purposes comes yet another discovery! Resident Atari Gaming Headquarters co-editor and curator John Hardie is the proud possessor of Miss Piggy's Wedding, a title that was hitherto believed not to exist.

    Miss Piggy's Wedding Screen 2

  • The playfield consists of Miss Piggy, Kermit The Frog, a key, a yellow vehicle at the bottom of the screen (a Taxi?) and dots reminiscent of Adventure which move vertically along the screen. Although the gist of the game isn't yet clear to us, we DO know that 1) you can take control of either Kermit or Miss Piggy; 2) two players can participate simulatenously; 3) touching the key closes the two exits at the bottom of the screen and 4) running into the opposition (Kermit or Miss Piggy) after touching the key "eliminates" that player (kill would be too strong a word for a Muppets game, we think.)

    Miss Piggy's Wedding Screen 3

  • Once we spend some more time playing the game, we'll have a hands-on review in the very near future. Historians and collectors now have yet another title that they can remove from the "believed not to exist" list to the "exists as an unreleased prototype" list.
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