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Zimag, a subsidiary of Magnetic Tape International, a maker of video and cassette tapes, entered the scene in 1983 just as the market for videogames was crumbling. It was just as well, as Zimag's pathetic lineup of games probably would have sunk the company anyhow. Their awful lineup of games consisted of Tanks but No Tanks, a tank battle game with Pong-like graphics and a heap full of flicker, I Want My Mommy, a Donkey Kong ripoff with two screens, Dishaster, a game in which you must prevent plates from falling off your head, and Cosmic Corridor, a science fiction shooter that's so easy you can play for hours... if you don't get bored first (trust us, you will).

Zimag is a perfect example of a clueless enterprise that tried to cash in on the video game craze and helped sink the industry.


  • Cosmic Corridor
  • Dishaster
  • I Want My Mommy
  • Pizza Chef (not released)
  • Tanks but No Tanks

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