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Sunrise was basically a non-factor in the field of home videogame publishing as far as other companies were concerned, and it didn't help that it entered the fray just as the market was crashing all around it. The company agressively advertised its games in magazines in 1984, but it lacked the product to back up its heavy promotions.

Quest for Quintana Roo is its best-known title, and was even available for the 5200 SuperSystem and ColecoVision machines. It's a deeply engrossing adventure where you must explore pyramids, solve puzzles, and fight mummies, snakes and other beasts with an array of weapons. Its second offering, Glacier Patrol, failed to garner the respect that Quintana Roo received, and the company quietly abandoned any further 2600 publishing efforts in favor of the ColecoVision.

Texas-based Telegames acquired the rights to the Sunrise catalog of games, and it has continued to produce and sell Sunrise games to this day.


  • Glacier Patrol
  • Quest for Quintana Roo
  • Snowplow (not released)

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