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North American Philips Consumer Electronics Corp. (NAP), a North American Philips Company and makers of the Odyssey 2 game system, was best known for manufacturing and distributing Magnavox, Philco, Sylvania audio/video and Odyssey videogame products. In mid-1983, they made a stab at the 2600 market under the moniker Probe 2000. Unfortunately for them, a claimed chip-shortage ended all hopes of them leaving a mark as a game producer for Atari's machine.

Their first title, announced and introduced at the 1983 Summer CES, was Pursuit of the Pink Panther, a game based on the famous animated character. Power Lords, which was patterned after the action figure toy marketed by Revell toys and licensed by Strogin-Mayem International, was also announced and displayed at the show. Both games were scheduled for release in September, but the Summer CES was the last time these two games were ever spotted in the open.

Were chip shortages REALLY the reason for the games being cancelled? Nobody knows for sure, but keep in mind that N.A.P. was just about the only company to use the reason as an excuse. What we DO know, however, is that both games were in completely playable form when demonstrated at the CES, and have been reported to be decent games. Here's the game descriptions as explained by N.A.P....

  • The Adventures of Pink Panther
    "Players control the Pink Panther as he sneakily makes his way through several screens, attempting to outwit the inspector. For his final challenge, he must dangle from a swinging rope, steal the famous Pink Panther dimond and escape unnoticed. The Pink Panther and Inspector characters are properties licensed by MGM-UA Home Entertainment Group, Inc."

  • Power Lords
    "Adam, Leader of the Lords, and Shaya, Queen of Power, are extra- terrestrial warriors who battle deadly aliens on the mystical Volcan Rock. Using lasers to fight the alien space serpent, the Power Lords can gain entry into the rock and search its endless chambers for the glowing touchstone that activates powerful anti-alien weapons and devices. Power Lords is licensed by Strogin-Mayem, International. Revell toys will also be marketing a complete line of Power Lords toy action figures."


  • 3149VC Power Lords (not released)
  • 3152VC Pursuit of the Pink Panther (not released)

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