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This Japanese software titan responsible for such memorable titles as Frogger, Scramble, Track and Field, Time Pilot, Gyruss, Metal Gear, Castlevania, Contra and Gradius got its start in home videogame publishing by making games for the Atari 2600. However, their stake in the home game market during the pre-crash era was limited to a handful of their lesser known arcade ports -- Pooyan, Strategy X and Marine Wars. Of course, this is primarily due to their late entry into the home console sweepstakes, where they had hitherto licensed their arcade properties to Parker Brothers (Tutankham, Super Cobra, Frogger, Gyruss), Coleco (Time Pilot) and Atari (Track and Field) for home system release.

In Pooyan, you control Mother Pig as she fights against Wolves with arrows to rescue her Pooyans. Strategy X is an action/strategy game that is a distant cousin of another of Konami's arcade hits, Front Line. In Marine Wars, you are a captain of a warship and must avoid enemy torpedoes and shoot opposing submarines and airplanes, all the while keeping an eye on your precious fuel. Another game, Super Scramble, was to be a 3-D version of the side-scrolling coin-op favorite, but it never made it to market.

Despite their token contribution to home videogames during the pre-crash era, Konami is one of the very few 2600 third party publishers that can claim to be alive today -- the others being Activision, Sega and Parker Brothers (now a part of Hasbro).


  • Marine Wars
  • Pooyan
  • Strategy X
  • Super Scramble


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