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Sensing that the video software market could be successfully penetrated by an agressive company with quality on its mind, Imagic began in July 1981 as the second third-party Atari 2600 software publisher. And Imagic released a string of winners for the 2600 up until the crash of 83/84. In 1983, the company celebrated its anniversary having accomplished $75 million in sales and a reputation for quality, confirmed by both industry awards and consumer acceptance.

In many ways, Imagic was similar to Activision. The Numb Thumb was an Imagic club that gamers could join for a nominal fee, and a newsletter was sent out to its subscribers. Additionally, patches were awarded to those who attained a certain score for games (similar to Activision's promotion). Finally, Imagic had its share of hotshot game designers in its stable, with Rob Fulop leading the way with blockbusters like the critically acclaimed shooter, Demon Attack.

Imagic's downfall -- along with many other companies during the classic era -- was its failure to adapt to the changing market climate in 1983. They were staunch supporters of the Intellivision (several of their designers were ex-Mattel guys) when the system was on its last legs, and even released two games for the Odyssey2! Furthermore, they were late in the ballgame in moving into the growing computer software market whereas Activision was quick to support the Commodore 64, IBM PC and others.


Laser Gates had the same exact graphics and play as Inner Space, a game programmed by Dan Oliver and previewed by VentureVision at the Las Vegas CES in January of 1983. Apparently, Imagic bought the rights to the game shortly after VentureVision went out of business.

Cubicolor, the Rubik's Cube-inspired puzzler designed by Rob Fulop, was never released by Imagic as the company focused on space shooters and other popular genres that were surer bets to sell at the time. However, Fulop eventually released the game himself in the early 90s, but only 50-60 copies of the game are known to exist.


  • Atlantis
  • Cosmic Ark
  • Cubicolor
  • Demon Attack
  • Dragonfire
  • Fathom
  • Flap (not released, renamed Wing War)
  • Fire Fighter
  • Hop To It (not released, renamed Quick Step)
  • Laser Gates
  • Microsurgeon (not released)
  • MoonSweeper
  • No Escape!
  • Quick Step
  • Riddle of the Sphinx
  • Safecracker (not released)
  • Shootin' Gallery
  • Sky Patrol (not released)
  • Solar Storm
  • Star Voyager
  • Subterrania
  • Tarantula (not released, renamed Subterrania)
  • Trick Shot
  • Wing War (PAL release only)


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