Talk about a strange licensing agreement. In the summer of 1983, Carrere Video Games and Software (a European-based company) and Tigervision formed a joint venture for the acquisition, manufacture and marketing of the US Games' Atari 2600 video game cartridges. Thirteen titles including Eggomania, Gopher and Squeeze Box were among the games that were acquired from Quaker Oats (parent company of then-defunct US Games). Distribution rights were worldwide with the exclusion of the United States and Canada.

Carrere Video's biggest contribution to the 2600 world, besides bringing a repetoire of mediocre titles to the European market, had to do with the title of one of their cartridges. US Games had run a "Name That Game" contest, a high-profile marketing campaign where people were promised large amounts of cash for sending in the cleverest title for their game, aptly titled "Name This Game." However, before an announcement was made, US Games went out of business. In 1984, Carrere Video released "Name That Game" under a different title -- Octopus -- thereby leading to speculation that this was the winning title in the "Name That Game" sweepstakes.


  • Commando Raid
  • Eggomania
  • Entombed
  • Gopher
  • M.A.D.
  • Name this Game
  • Octopus (Name This Game)
  • Picnic
  • Sneak 'n Peek
  • Squeeze Box
  • Space Jockey
  • Towering Inferno
  • Word Zapper

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