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Baltimore, Maryland-based Avalon Hill made its name as a board game company, but it participated in the 2600 home publishing sweepstakes for a short time. It actually had been producing Atari computer games for a few years prior to trying its hand with the 2600 and were met with moderate praise by the press.

Its games were fresh and original, with some titles even (dare we say it) revolutionary. London Blitz stands out in particular with its 3-D, Doom-like environment and its search and solve gameplay. Although somewhat similar to CBS Games' Tunnel Runner and Starpath's Escape from the Mindmaster, it raised the bar in programming excellence without the use of extra RAM in the cartridge (Tunnel Runner) or the high powered Supercharger add-on (Mindmaster.) Wall Ball is another attempt a achieving a three-dimensional effect on the VCS, but it did so with less success. A first-person combination of Breakout and handball, even Sports Illustrated somehow got involved in this game.

Avalon Hill took a cautious approach in its involvement with home videogames, and as a result, its later 2600 offerings - particularly Out of Control - are quite difficult to find today.


  • Death Trap
  • London Blitz
  • Out of Control
  • Shuttle Orbiter
  • Wall Ball

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